Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Daily Mail Hates Britain

This blog is to highlight the vile and divisive ramblings of the establishment's, right winged, mouthpiece that is the Daily Mail.

From the attacks to Ed Milibands dead father to blaming murders on the Welfare State, this newspaper represents all the wrong values of the UK.  It represents scapegoating, it represents fascism, it finds joy when the poor an vulnerable are attacked.

It defends the indefensible while attacking the most vulnerable and, as a diverse and modern democracy, we should say NO to this relic of bad journalism and BOYCOTT the online Daily Mail website while refusing to buy the newspaper at the shops.

*Do NOT buy the Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail has a circulation figure of 1.8million in 2013. Damage their circulation and we damage the newspaper

*Do NOT share links to the Daily Mail. Copy and Paste the contents instead.
The Daily Mail is one of the most visited newspaper websites in the world, with over 100 million visitors per month in August 2012.  By reducing the hits that the online version of the Daily Mail, we will be sending a clear message to the newspaper.

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